Quantitative modelling of charge transport in chemically vapor deposited graphene on germanium. [TALK}

EMC 2021, Virtual

Electron-phonon coupling enhances thermal boundary conductance in two-dimensional materials. [TALK}

MRS Fall Meeting, Virtual

Joule heating and its impact on thermal management in few-layer WSe2. [POSTER}

MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA

Impact of Grain Misorientation Angles on Electronic Transport in polycrystalline 2D materials. [TALK]

APS March Meeting, Boston, MA

Dynamical Thermal Conductivity in Single- Crystalline Graphene. [POSTER]

MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

Impact of Mismatch Angle on Electronic Transport across Grain Boundaries/Interfaces in 2D Materials. [POSTER]

MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, MA

Length Divergence of the In-Plane Thermal Conductivity in Suspended Graphene. [TALK]

MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, CA